Expresso Newspaper, 2021 ©, Schools Ranking 2020, Notes rise in year of Pandemic
Expresso Newspaper, Investigation, 2021 ©, Face-to-face work has its days numbered
Expresso Newspaper, Tribuna, 2021 ©, Euro 2020 - In Tournament of nomads, try to be sedentary
Expresso Newspaper, International, 2021 ©, Pegasus case - Guarded by the police ... and beyond.
Expresso Newspaper, Tribuna, and Tribuna Online 2021 ©, Roll the ball and the excitement: Football and Fans are back
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Politics 2021 © Government under Pressure Now, "nerves of steel". Then remodel?
Expresso Newspaper, Politic, 2021 ©, Socialist Party Congress. PS, A party hanging on a two-year taboo
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Politics 2021 © President Marcelo wants to guarantee two approved state budgets
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Mobility 2020 © The 15-minute towns
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Politics / Government 2020 © Rentrée - The year of all bluffs: drama on the left, uncertainty on the right
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Politics / BES 2020 © Pan unfolded, tense politicians
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Mobility 2020 © Vaccination will be slower. New Year celebrations are going to be tighter.
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Politics / Government 2020 © Notice, scheduled meetings: Costa tries to reach an agreement until October
Expresso Newspaper, Health Section 2020 © Excessive examinations “make people sick”
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Politics / Government 2020 © Black October in sight
Expresso Newspaper, Security - Investigation 2020 © Drug mafias and predators turn to private detectives
Expresso Newspaper, Covdi-19 - 15 questions 2020 © E depois, o que vai mudar no mundo? / And then, what will change in the world?
Expresso Newspaper, 2020 ©, Schools Ranking 2019, The more the mother studies, the better the son's grade
Expresso Newspaper, Partidos 2020 © The pandemic seized the small. The new stars have lost traction. Is the crisis a risk or an opportunity?
Expresso Newspaper, Health Section - Investigation 2020 © The Triumphs of the National Health Service
Expresso Newspaper, Ambient Section 2019 © There is a "green wave" growing in Portugal
Expresso Newspaper, Migration Section 2019 © Both sides of the same trip
Expresso Newspaper, Ambient Section 2019 © Climate change. As the climate is already destroying the planet
Expresso Newspaper, Education 2019 © Works, free books and a bike lesson
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno, Technology Section 2019 © The future has landed on the present
Expresso Newspaper, Tribuna - Football, 2019 © The end of the "hype", the depth and the touch
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno 2018 © The dangerous chemicals of everyday life
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno, 2018 © Refurbished cell phones. Care before you buy
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno, 2018 © Social Networking - Parliament discusses fake news
Expresso Newspaper, Solidarity 2018 © Every 15 days, someone is arrested by false peddler
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno, State Budget, 2018 © "Geringonça" cooked four Budgets in the Biscuits Room
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno - Parlamento 2018 © They solve a lot, but they do nothing
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno, 2018 © Heat waves can last for more than 40 days
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno, Politic Section 2018 © A disputa segue dentro de momentos/The dispute continues in a moment
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno Section 2017 © 100 Questions for 2018 and 10 more that did not fit.
Mário Centeno to change the Eurogroup or is the Eurogroup going to change Centeno?
Expresso Newspaper, 1º Caderno Section 2017 © 100 Questions for 2018 and 10 more that did not fit.
Will it be the last year of the Web Summit in Lisbon? Is the real estate bubble bursting? Portuguese festivals will continue to be among the best in the world? Will the bitcoin reach $ 50,000 or bust before? Will Cannabis be legalized for medical purposes? Ronaldo arrives at the sixth Golden Ball? Does the Wall with Mexico really go forward? Does Catalonia get a new status?
Expresso Newspaper, Politic section 2017 © 1506 days later 80% of the charge is written
Expresso Newspaper, Sports section - Football 2017 © No more big holidays.
Expresso Newspaper, Sport section, Football 2017 © Referee: profession of risk
Expresso Newspaper, Politic section 2017 © Orange notice to Prime Minister António Costa.
Expresso Newspaper 2016 © The brave new world of sport
Expresso Newspaper 2016 © A lottery to change the minds of taxpayers Click to see in page.
Expresso Newspaper 2011 © Good hackers
Expresso Newspaper 2014 © Companies veto love at work
Expresso Newspaper 2013 © Illegal Connections - Portuguese steal € 90 million in electricity Click to see in page.
SND-E Awards - Society News Design 2014 Bronze Award, Illegal connections. Edition of 7 December 2013, Page layout: Alcides Pinto

Expresso Newspaper 2014 © Few inspectors for so much home
Expresso Newspaper 2011 © Bankruptcy
Expresso Newspaper 2014 © It is not erasing the past. It's hiding it better.
Expresso Newspaper 2012 © Big Brother is watching Citizen Card
Expresso Newspaper 2016 © Unions, CGTP lost almost 500 thousand euros State subsidies save UGT accounts
Expresso Newspaper 2014 © Reality is more and more fiction
Expresso Newspaper 2015 © The cold water spell
Expresso Newspaper 2009 © Taxes, brand confrontation
Expresso Newspaper 2014 © Portuguese students are happy at school and noisy in class
Expresso Newspaper 2012 © Was the exam difficult or is the course very easy?
Expresso Newspaper 2014 © I do not see you, my son, but I'm watching you.
Expresso Newspaper 2011 © Save energy
Expresso Newspaper 2014 © Arrested in school
Expresso Newspaper 2009 © Stealing in the mail boxes
Expresso Newspaper, 2010 © Portugal, a country without qualifications

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